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The Long Read

The Long Read

Catching up with your reading? Some expert subject based strategies for you to delve into.


English GCSE Language and Literature

  1. Mind the Gap! Poetry Vocabulary

  2. What are Literature Slices and how do you use them

  3. Creative Writing with Taxi Tales

  4. An Inspector Calls Study Programme

  5. English Language GCSE 1st of 4 Blogs

  6. Make Mocks Matter with AQA Tibbets and Surfing

  7. IGCSE English Language and Literature - How to Develop a Personal Response to Reading

English A Level

  1. Resourcing Child Language Acquisition

  2. Allusions in Hardy’s classic

  3. Influence, Language and Social Power

  4. "I will figuratively die if you literally misuse that word"

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Resourcing the new specifications

Unit Guides are a short cut Long Term Scheme of Work for the New Specifications.


  1. AQA 8572 GCSE Unit Content Guide

  2. Eduqas (WJEC) GCSE Unit Content Guide

  3. OCR J200 GCSE Unit Content Guide

A Level

  1. AQA 7572 A Level Unit Content Guide

  2. Eduqas (WJEC) A Level Content Guide

  3. OCR H409 A Level Content Guide

Mock Exams with indicative Content

Grappling with the reality of the CSPs, SSPs, NEAs and Frameworks?

  1. Representation and Language in Magazines

  2. NEAs Part 1 – The essential information

  3. Four Media Studies Skills of the Apocalypse

Our writers are teachers who are themselves teaching real students in real classes discussing how these specifications are unfolding in real time...Find our blog here


Unit Guides are a short cut Long Term Scheme of Work for the New Specifications.

  1. Eduqas (WJEC) A level Unit Content Guide

  2. OCR H410 A Level Content Guide

Mock Exams with indicative Content

Use these blogs as Homework reading to prep high quality discussions about film in class. Using film Language these blogs engage with the form.

  1. Grappling with your marked lack of amusement at The Joker?

  2. Working on your students’ interest in Outsider Films?

  3. Storyboarding and Scriptwriting foxing your group?

WOW! Smart writing about film...find more than 150 examples in the Edusites Film Library below

The Edusites Complete Film Analysis Library

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