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CIE IGCSE English Language 0990 Paper 2

CIE IGCSE English Language 0990 Paper 2

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0990 IGCSE Paper 2 Directed Writing and Composition (examination from 2020)

Paper 2 Advice

Section A Directed Writing


  • Identify the purpose and form (text type) for the task as you read the question and keep these in mind as you plan and write your answer.
  • Organise your ideas before writing and plan the structure of your response carefully so that is it helpful and clear for your reader.
  • For example, if you are arguing a particular point of view make sure you build your argument logically and persuasively, rather than just list ideas or track through points in the same order as the text(s).
  • Use vocabulary carefully and deliberately – try to use a range of precise and appropriate words, rather than repeating the same words, using very simple words or copying vocabulary from the text(s).
  • Control sentence structures, keep tenses in agreement and use connecting words/ phrases to link your ideas.
  • Be aware of the audience for your response and adapt your written style to suit the kind of style your reader/ listener would expect.

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