CSP Blog Number 3 Magazine Analysis (Media Representation)

CSP Blog Number 3 Magazine Analysis (Media Representation)

He's Juxtaposer Him

It will be beneficial for you to understand as much magazine front cover glossary as possible. There are the clear and obvious ones such as mastheads, fonts and main images. These are the obvious elements of a cover. And they will be there for a reason. They will exist on the cover in such a way that you can read into them and comment on how they have been applied.

For example, in the CSP, why do Reveal juxtapose the images of Peter Andre and Katie Price the way they do? There are literally thousands of photos of these two floating about the interweb, many of which could conceivably show them as normal, loving parents to their two children during happy phases of their marriage, but the designers of Reveal have positioned these two undoubtedly grating images so as to create a different and altogether more sinister ambience. Get the pupils discussing the connotation of this juxtaposition.

CSP Blog Number 3 Magazine Analysis (Media Representation)

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