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New easy to print pdf exams for Language GCSEs

New easy to print pdf exams for Language GCSEs

Following an email discussion with a new subscriber we have developed some new exams and adapted some old ones into PDFs to make your lives easier when using the site.
Thank you so much for the feedback Gemma! Hope everyone finds your ideas useful!

New easy to print pdf exams for Language GCSEs

How do you know that your department moderation of Component 1 or Paper 1 is reliable? Edusites have developed a range of resources to complement our mock exams in the following ways.

  1. For teachers’ moderation we have links to videos where you can read the examples, marks and explanations. Use the links to watch a video of a script being ‘live’ marked, then ‘mystery’ ones where you are tested on your marking. This can be completed by your department as part of their moderation and is an improved version of what AQA and Eduqas do for moderation.
  2. A teacher reference booklet for when marking mocks- examples of each level for each question to refer to when marking- just like you have when marking the real thing.
  3. For students: show snippets of Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 analysis of the same feature to assist when feeding back following a mock that used that paper.
  4. Save yourself some time but give students accurate feedback as initial marking can be completed by your whole class using the online slide link below then use the moderation documents to drill down to improve.
  5. Marked ‘perfect’ answers to assist with writing student’s own with different texts. Students have text, and teacher has the annotated one and they talk them through where it hits the mark scheme and why.
  6. What ‘not to do’ or ‘common mistakes on the language exam’ lesson using snippets from the answers. How to avoid ‘makes the reader want to read on’.

All of the above could be made from this one page of resources. We know number 1 sounds complicated- but it gives your department an opportunity for everyone to benefit from the ‘examiner experience insight’.

New easy to print pdf exams for Language GCSEs

To complement these Paper 1 and Component 1 resources we have a new wide range of exam papers.

Click on the link below to see our New! PDF downloadable exam papers which all include indicative content.

AQA Language GCSE

Eduqas Language GCSE

We have also updated the Taxi Tales pages with links to these main Exam Board pages to facilitate busy teachers with finding things.

As always if any of our links or pages don't display properly please click on Report and we will fix it!

Next week we have Child Language Acquisition updates with more printable booklets highlighting our expert advice.

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