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Don't Just Learn Love and Relationship Quotations

Don't Just Learn Love and Relationship Quotations

AQA Love and Relationships

Memorising and using quotations in exams

They learn them and quote them but do they really know what ‘to do’ with them?

As Amy Forrester stated ‘I began to realise that the key wasn’t just in the retention of quotations, but in the knowledge of what to say about them’.

So how could you use this resource?
Don't Just Learn Love and Relationship Quotations
  1. Introduce the slices in lessons.
  2. Doing a certain scene in Macbeth, introduce the quote and directly teach students the wider high-level subject knowledge that would accompany them.
  3. Model how to use the slices to write in an analytical way about the quotation.
  4. Set homework using them, where students have to learn the content alongside the quotation.
  5. Live Modelling is critical for exposure to seeing this done regularly

Ensure that students are walking into an exam with the very best subject knowledge possible - without this, they cannot achieve their true potential

  1. Review Recap through starters, and students recalling the information from scratch
  2. Mind map how a given quotation and its SLICE could be applied to a given exam question
  3. Develop students’ confidence and their ability to 'do it themselves' grows rapidly
Don't Just Learn Love and Relationship Quotations

Over the past 2 exam cycles, I have observed that the students who worked the hardest, who committed a vast about of subject knowledge to memory, were able to achieve grades far higher than targeted.

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