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Becoming Organised in my NQT Year by Amy Unsworth.

Becoming Organised in my NQT Year by Amy Unsworth.

Due to my high functioning anxiety I have always been quite organised but even in my training year this is something I struggled with. How on earth can you organise tasks, if you have no idea how to do them or how long they will take for you to complete? When you first start your training year it is close to impossible to organise yourself in a way where you are taking full advantage of your free time and are not working from home at night or weekends. For the first two terms of my training placement I worked relentlessly from home and my social life was non-existent. I was drowning in the work and didn’t know how to stay afloat. The further into my placement I got, the more I began to realise how long things would realistically take me. I learnt how to draw on support and research to aid my understanding of how to complete the tasks I was faced with. By the end of my training year I had begun to build on some organisational strategies which led my NQT year to be more successful and allowed myself to not work weekends and regain my life rather than feeling like a slave to the workload. I really wish someone would have sat me down and shared some tips or strategies to not only help me survive my training year but to enjoy and thrive in it. Here are the key things I struggled with the most in my training year:

  • Getting more than 1 day ahead
  • Organising my PPA time

I hope this blog gives you some practical strategies that doesn’t sell you an unrealistic dream. These strategies took me months perfect so please don’t expect them to magically work overnight – these are long term solutions for me and my teaching style and not a ‘quick fix’. The best advice I can give you is to try as many different ways as you can to organise yourself which fit your teaching style. Teaching is not a ‘one size fits all’ job therefore neither is how you organise yourself as every works in completely different ways. What I will also say, is that I am just completing my NQT year which makes me a newbie on the block, feel free to try my strategies but do not take them as the bible.

Becoming Organised in my NQT Year by Amy Unsworth.

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