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Representation in Magazines - AQA CSP

Representation in Magazines - AQA CSP


Across the nation

A celebration

And decimation”

(for your chances of a 7 if you don’t understand it sufficiently well enough in the summer – I’ve spent weeks doing these worksheets on those scallies throwing gun signs behind David Cameron so I’m not explaining it again)

Representation in Magazines - AQA CSP

This is how I used to begin my introduction to the thorniest of media topics. In my head I wanted to sound like a Scouse version of Linton Kwesi Johnson, the greatest political roots reggae poet of our times. Cool beyond cool, his searingly brilliant but memorable rhymes were my template; my key to unlock the mystical door of representation for my knowledge thirsty students. I actually sounded like I was just trying out a new set of Poundland dentures. “Sounds like Stanley Johnson that Sir”

Well let’s get this over with…

  • What is representation in Media Studies?
  • And specifically, in magazines?

This, in many ways, is the concept that students have the most consistent difficulty with. This is because it’s subjective at times, and also requires (ideally) a somewhat developed sense of social and cultural understanding to help join up the dots of the images and ideas being discussed.

Representation in Magazines - AQA CSP

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