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Language in Lockdown

Language in Lockdown

Amongst Edusites' many worthy aims and ideals is this. "It's that pause and consideration we want students to experience". I couldn't agree more. The best tasks are the ones we set ourselves and which require and effort: research, consideration and judgement.

Consider this passage from near the opening of Evelyn Waugh's 'Sword of Honour', the final part of the Trilogy of the same name.

'In his lonely condition he found more than solace, positive excitement, in the art of writing. The further he removed from human society and the less he attended to human speech, the more did words, printed and written, occupy his mind. The books he read were books about words. As he lay unshriven, his sleep was never troubled by the monstrous memories which might have been supposed to lie in wait for him in the dark. He dreamed of words and woke repeating them as though memorizing a foreign vocabulary. Ludovic had become an addict of that potent intoxicant, the English language.
Not laboriously, luxuriously rather, Ludovic worked over his note-books, curtailing, expanding, polishing; often consulting Fowler, not disdaining Roget; writing and rewriting in his small clerkly hand on the lined sheets of paper which the army supplied; telling no one what he was up to, until at length there were fifty foolscap pages, which he sent to Sir Ralph, not asking his opinion, but instructing him to find a publisher.'

'Addicts of that potent intoxicant, the English language' are exactly what we want you to become!

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