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'Becoming' A Teacher by Amy Unsworth

'Becoming' A Teacher by Amy Unsworth

For me, teaching was always the plan. Go to school, college, university then become a teacher. I even signed this in my year 6 leavers book. During my rough childhood, books allowed me to escape reality and my teachers made me feel loved and wanted, which I craved. I thought, what better job to have than one that inspires people and cares for them at the same?

'Becoming' A Teacher by Amy Unsworth

When I finished my degree, I knew I was going to then apply for a course to be a teacher. So I chose a SCITT course. The interview process what a little daunting and I felt like Bambi walking around the classroom, being watched on how I would teach. Thankfully, the SCITT board saw something in me and I was approved for the course but waiting to start the course was a really anxious time for me.

Throughout the summer, my brain began to panic and think of horrible situations I could end up in or how I maybe couldn’t cope with the workload. I had heard that:

  • Teachers had a massive workload and that leaving work at finishing time was laughable.
  • Children had become more challenging and most schools were ‘like a zoo.’
  • You will never have time to eat in school – get ready for the children to mither you every second of the day.
  • You will have no life once you start teaching.
  • Kiss goodbye to your holidays because they are a thing of the past.
  • You are not valued and not paid enough.
  • Everyone in the school are miserable because of the workload and only do ‘half-a-job.’

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