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Revision time!

Revision time!

So, we’re closing in on the busiest season for students and, no doubt, you’re starting to hear that somewhat annoying refrain ‘But you can’t really revise for English, can you?’ Here are some resources and activities that you can use to model good revision skills and show year 13 students how they ought to be spending their allocated English revision time.

Obviously, we want Literature students to re-read the texts – but what we don’t want is for them to think that’s their job done.

Revision time!

Working through the guide to A Level essay writing in class should achieve two things:

  • Improve students’ understanding of what an effective essay looks like.
  • Facilitate the production of ‘skeleton’ essays – bare bones versions of essays, where students write a thesis statement, then bullet point the main ideas and write a conclusion. These make a fantastic revision activity and, when completed in class, can quickly be shared and commented on.

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