Four Media Studies Skills of the Apocalypse

Four Media Studies Skills of the Apocalypse

To new and inexperienced Media Studies teachers, the four key skills of the Media curriculum can appear a little daunting at times in terms of their sheer bulk and downright wordiness. Some of our exam boards have managed to convey the importance of these four principles in a fairly straightforward manner. Perusal of the wording of others can be more taxing, at times perhaps leaving you feeling you’ve signed your pupils up for an A Level curriculum by mistake.

  • Do not Fear
  • They are not that complex
  • You will be able to walk students through them sooner rather than later.
Four Media Studies Skills of the Apocalypse

At first they just sound a bit stuffy...

The four keys skills (or theoretical frameworks) are, in theory, the building blocks of Media knowledge. Bearing in mind that we are very likely to have some ‘last minute of the transfer-window’ kids in our classes, the idea of starting with an introduction about these concepts is actually sensible and reassuring for all involved.

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