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Drones that bring the Honey

Drones that bring the Honey

Strip back

Videos and images used in the classroom can be huge distractions if used ineffectively. Chris Curtis has spoken about this very problem at the recent Team English National Conference and Rugby ResearchEd, and written about this very problem in his excellent blog here ( I think the curse of the powerpoint can sometimes lead us to bombard our students with images, and I’ve made a conscious effort to really strip back what I include when I’m teaching. But when can it be helpful?

Drones that bring the Honey

is a great Twitter account to follow. Below are some of the resources he has worked on for Edusites English

Drones that bring the Honey

What is a furrow?

If this word ever came up in articulate, I would be a gibbering wreck. Try explaining this to a class full of students whose only interaction with a farm has been playing with the Playmobil set in preschool. Stick an image on the board, and everyone knows what you mean. And then you can get into the details and the history of ploughing (thanks life long addiction to The Archers). When it comes to teaching vocabulary, a photo or image is a crucial part of your direct instruction. It is this, and it isn’t this.

Drones that bring the Honey

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