OCR A Level Sample SOL Teacher

OCR A Level Sample SOL Teacher

Edusites units are a three tiered learning approach including Online Lesson-by-Lesson Slides and the Teacher Scheme of Learning and Student workbook which are are interlinked – each are dependent on the other and should be used together to provide students and teachers with an in depth learning experience.

The Lessons

Lesson 1: Introduction

Reviewing the OCR Exam

Slides 1-21


  • Knowledge : To review the structure of the OCR examination
  • Learning : To build ideas of how to study set products to meet Assessment Objectives
  • Understanding : To develop understanding of the set Paper 1 Section B products

Starter/Loop Activity (5 Minutes)

Slide 2 Task 1A Pupils asked to consider the question from the Lesson Resource: BIG ISSUE Morrissey. Cover Students to write response (on post-it preferably), which will be used later.

Prepare the Learning (10 Minutes)

Share the objectives. Remind students of the objectives we are working towards meeting, and that this unit is designed to help them prepare for the two Component Papers of the examination and to support learning for their NEA.

Slides 4-10 Review the structure of the OCR examination and the requirement to study a set of media products prescribed by the examination board. Be clear that this work for the specific set products builds upon all they will have learned and the understanding they will have acquired and honed in Edusites Core Unit: Media Language+ and Edusites Core Unit: Media Representation+. They will also acquire deeper understanding during the rest of this course. They must see the skills they acquire as transferable to the work here and review the work in the light of future learning in the course. I find that having diagrams of the structure of examinations on display really helps these ideas set in the students’ minds. Knowing how they will be assessed helps them with what will be assessed.

Construct the Learning (20 Minutes)

Slides 10-18 These slides cover Section B and how the set products fit into this – where they will be required for completing the examination tasks and the type of responses required. Remind them that this is a five-term course and they are not expected to be able to answer all of the tasks to the required depth, or even to understand all of the elements of the framework. However, the work undertaken in the Core Unit learning means that they are equipped to complete most of the tasks in this Unit 8. The time spent here will depend on the current understanding of the group you have but is time well spent.

Application of Learning (20 Minutes paired and individual work)

Slide 19 Task 1B Students respond to the task of their understanding of the eras elected. They then move to Slide 20 Task 1C for extended Home Learning – their perception of defining aspects of the social and cultural context of the current era.

Plenary/Closing the Loop (5 Minutes feedback to class by individuals)

Exit task.

Lesson 2

Paper 1 Section B

Slides 1-15


  • Knowledge : To develop ideas about Paper 1 Section A
  • Learning : To build ideas of how to study set media products by applying acquired skills
  • Understanding : To link to prior knowledge by analysis of OCR products

Starter/Loop Activity (5 Minutes)

Slide 2 Task 2A Pupils asked to respond to the task from the Lesson Resource: The Big Issue First Edition Cover. Students to write response.

Prepare the Learning (5 Minutes)

Share the objectives. Remind students of the objectives we are working towards meeting. We will be focusing on the students learning how to apply their knowledge to the exam tasks to demonstrate their understanding. We will be using the familiar format of ‘Preparing for Learning: Constructing our Learning: Application of Learning’.

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