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Time is flying! Which is more than I will be next July after Thomas Cook obliterated my 5 day jaunt to New York. Didn’t want to stay at The Trump Tower Hotel anyway. And why Edusites picked it for the annual staff conference is beyond me. I suggested we go to a B’n’B in Diss but they all laughed at me.

Anyhoooo. Brief 2 is yet another AQA challenger.


It’s quite clear, looking at the new set of AQA briefs, that they are considerably more prescriptive and far less generic than the first tranche of five were.

That is to be expected in Year 2. It’s essential therefore that teachers make sure they scrutinise BOTH the essential elements (left hand side) AND the equally crucial minimum requirements (right hand side).

And not just scrutinise them but sit and THRASH OUT AND DECODE THE REQUIREMENTS with the pupils so they have a crystal clear vision of the focus for their upcoming months of work.


These are the kind of jumping off points that would be helpful in getting the students into the right frame of mind to decide IF this is the right one. At this stage it will be just as useful for them to decide that, actually, these requirements are too specific and not what they’re really too interested in working on.

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