This week’s Topic – Media Industry

This week’s Topic – Media Industry

All Media specifications will have four crucial elements built into them. These skills are the fundamental learning principles you need to understand how to teach because they comprise all of the angles of media education your students will need to be able to recognise, comment on, assess and theorise about.

Depending on the exam board you choose, you will see different permutations of these skills being tested in different questions. They are:

    • Media Language
    • Representation
    • Audience
    • Industry

    So, for example, you may study texts that cover all four simultaneously. These texts are often referred to as being ‘in-depth.’

    Or, alternatively, you may see a combination of the skills as the focus for a specific text, such as audience and industry being analysed together. Either way, these are the founding fathers of Media GCSE.

    When they come to build the GCSE Media Museum in years to come, these four will be the statues you walk past on the way to that seminal, two floor exhibition ‘Marketing Zoella – Fifty Years of Overpriced Advent Calendars.’

    This week’s Topic – Media Industry

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