NEA Way the Wind Blows

NEA Way the Wind Blows

Hello again Edutistas.

Many colleagues we spoke to on the 3rd September seemed to have returned with a clear sense of purpose and bustle in their step. Full of vim and vigour (Never quite sure what vim was and frankly slightly scared to look into it) and determined to be organised, task focused and schedule led. Now it’s the 19th of September, many of those good intentions look as meaningful and realistic as an “Esther McVey For Prime Minister” poster set.

I personally was focused for about the opening 35 minutes of INSET and then I sloped off to look at flights to Xmas markets in Dusseldorf in December. I’ll definitely get sorted after half-term though…

NEA Which Way But Loose (I Have No More NEA Puns)

For those Edutistas who are professional enough to worry about the minor details like actually getting the pupils through the course on time, then now is absolutely the time to begin focusing on NEA production for submission next year. And, before that roadshow gets under way, it’s certainly worthwhile taking a “Deep Dive” (Copyright all of EduTwitter this week re Ofsted visits); into the way other colleagues and the exam boards viewed the first round-dance of NEA submissions last year.

A Piece of Coursework By Any Other Name

And this is true. One of the bonuses of legacy Media GCSE was the heavy weighting of coursework in the specification. However it’s certainly worthwhile just casting your collective minds back to 17/18 months or so ago and the last frantic time you had to collate the terrifyingly whack-a-mole runaway train that was the coursework portfolio. That was often an absolute nightmare.

Any big option classes meant upwards of 120 plus pieces of individual work to chase up, assess, design a logo yourself and give it to Edwin for his newspaper, scribble all over with clear and direct instructions on how to impr……er hang on forget those last bits. That was the bloke who, er, left.

I Got No Timing

NEA Way the Wind Blows

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