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What Would Ken Barlow Do? | Nick Belger has an idea...

What Would Ken Barlow Do? | Nick Belger has an idea...

Week Two is over!

* Does collective fist bump to all Media Edutistas out there *

The burning question right now for all Media (and English teachers) is:

Have we got the Christmas Do boxed off?’ Yes it’s only the middle of September but if we leave it to Bernard again, well look what happened last year. I’m not sure the works canteen of the old folks’ home is entirely suitable even if their Rita does work there and can get us 2-for-1s on the Lambrini cocktails.’

Once that is sorted, we can all apply ourselves to the second burning issue:


To new and inexperienced Media Studies teachers, the four key skills of the Media curriculum can appear a little daunting at times in terms of their sheer bulk and downright wordiness.

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