AQA NEA Advice Social Realism Film Posters

AQA NEA Advice Social Realism Film Posters

This is probably my favourite of all five NEAs for this 2019/2020 session. The hilarity that ricocheted around the staff room when I brought this topic up prompted a non-stop series of potential school based scenarios; one or two of them were even printable.

“ Here y’ are lad. Why don’t you have a film where the main character is driven to depression by a never ending series of death by a thousand cuts while simultaneously feeling overwhelmed by an insane regime of non-stop, pointless assessments under the rationale of ongoing pre-Ofsted preparation? Call it Deep Dive Straight To Hell- Dev from Corrie would be sound as the main character; he’s really believable and in no way a massive ham”.

AQA NEA Advice Social Realism Film Posters

Jimi Harkishin – The British Pacino

Key Tip

What Is Social Realism? Simple. Real-life explorations of characters, situations and the minutiae of problems that come with the daily grind of life.

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