AQA CSPs or The Food of Love

AQA CSPs or The Food of Love

Well, dear EduTistas, what an extraordinary week it has been! The focus of the globe has been firmly fixed on us as we have grappled with the most significant and far-reaching of questions. It has been……

  • A week full of confrontation.
  • A week of nerve-shredding drama.
  • A week of extraordinary intensity.

A week when social media has been awash with torrents of invective. Hands are being wrung. We are staring into the abyss and the nation simply has to know…

“How many people can actually fit in the Slater’s house on Eastenders?”

AQA - How to Deconstruct the CSPs

No.1 Music Video Image result for brian griffin teacher

Word to all my AQAtistas out there, dropping knowledge bombs this week on this first rockin’ CSP. MC NB is here, keeping it real, to smooth your way thru the jagged paths of this dope Music Video CSP. Respect.

Advice Point 1

Don’t use that as an intro to your music video topic. As cool as it clearly is, for some reason the ‘kidz’ made some fairly disparaging remarks after I’d used it for my intro. #tears #iamcoolactually #iheartdeburgh #realmusic #theyknownothing

Advice Point 2

Do not worry if pop music isn't your thing. That's going to happen throughout this course. It's a good thing!

The AQA CSPs cover a wide range of topics and it is entirely likely and reasonable that you will not fell particularly comfy with all of them.

If you think you’re slightly out of the box with Arctic Monkeys, console yourself in the knowledge the cultural and intellectual monster trucks of Kim Kardashian and Tony Blackburn waiting for us down the line.

Feel the Love

Part of the genuine appeal of this AQA course is the wide and contrasting spread of topics in the CSP. Many of the units are thoughtfully curated so as to offer a neat comparison between two institutions.

This music video is definitely one of those.

AQA CSPs or The Food of Love

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