Let’s go round again

Let’s go round again

With the ever increasing amount of content needed to be taught and delivered, retention can actually be one of the biggest difficulties to success and progress. We can often feel like we’re constantly returning to misconceptions and key theorists. And although this can sometimes feel like we’re losing learning hours, actually by going back and looping the activities and knowledge, promotes retention and understanding. Thankfully, Edusites lessons combine all content, skills and assessment objectives ensuring that the students receive the best tasks and skills on how to apply their knowledge. But what about retention? The question still remains how are they actually able to retain all of this knowledge? Their ‘Loop Activities’ are an excellent resource that begins every lesson which link to prior knowledge and application, whilst also remaining relevant through modern contemporary texts and engaging.

Let’s go round again

A short 5 minute task enables each student to recall previous learning and then apply it to an unseen text (a skill we know they need for their exam). What’s more is that these tasks also tie in quite nicely with ‘cultural capital’. Any teacher I’m sure anywhere will be aware of its importance and focus within the new OFSTED framework, and Edusites manage to embed it throughout their tasks and lessons.

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