Eduqas GCSE Sample SOL Teacher

Eduqas GCSE Sample SOL Teacher

Edusites units are a three tiered learning approach including Online Lesson-by-Lesson Slides and the Teacher Scheme of Learning and Student workbook which are interlinked – each are dependent on the other and should be used together to provide students and teachers with an in depth learning experience.

At GCSE, the requirement for the Eduqas (WJEC) examination differentiates itself from the other boards in what are termed Set Study Products – a series of media products that students are required to study in detail.

Like the Edusites Core Units that deal with teaching the Media Framework, the work here involves exploring:

  • The role and manipulation of media language
  • The representations in these products
  • Issues of audience
  • Institutional issues such as genre, branding, regulation
  • How the media creates or represents attitudes, behaviours and beliefs

The work and ideas in this unit, like those of the subsequent Set Product Units, are designed to build on the learning acquired in each term’s Edusites Core Unit. Each of the Set Units tackles one or two of the prescribed products that seem to best fit into the work of that term. This Eduqas Set Product Unit focuses on Paper 1 Section B: Spectre; The Sun; Pokémon Go; The Archers. In the Core Media Framework units already studied we focused on developing the toolkit for tackling products and meaning. Later in the course we will be revisiting these products in order to add levels of depth and breadth to our understanding as our knowledge and learning of the Media Framework evolves.

Lesson 12: Pokémon Go! Audience

Slides 1-13


  • Knowledge : To develop ideas about the examination tasks and set products
  • Learning : To build ideas of Pokémon Go! as indicative of game industry practice
  • Understanding : To develop understanding by analysis of set products examples

The lesson resource is summative and comprehensive to cover all possibilities of need for different abilities. You need to select those details that need dealing with in the lesson and those that can be dealt with by private reading.

Starter/Loop Activity (5 minutes)

Slide 2 Task 12A Pupils asked to consider the question from the Lesson Resource: Pokémon Go website page. This loop activity develops consideration of how audience read the intentions of media product meanings.

Prepare the Learning (5 minutes)

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