A Level Media Studies for Students

A Level Media Studies for Students

As the new A Level and GCSE specifications are rolled out across the country parents of students who have felt like guinea pigs to this revolution in qualifications have grappled with ways to support their offspring. At Edusites we have been at the forefront of these specifications advising teachers on the most expedient ways of teaching to ensure learning is applied to gain the highest grades possible.

How much does it cost?

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So how can we support?

For us it’s always about subject specific thinking and application…Research shows that general advice about study skills and revision has a small effect. What really influences outcomes is to get down to subject based Assessment Objective Level. All Edusites exam support for all subjects are focused on Assessment Objective level to hone specific skills

A Level Media Studies for Students

Can I see what the resources look like before committing?

You can always email us on emily@edusites.co.uk

Or you can look at the 5 lessons out of the 250 available below

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A Level

A Level Media Studies for Students

I don’t know which exam board my child is studying

You don’t need to! Your membership includes full coverage of the essential and desirable Media Studies specification content for all exam boards.

A Level Media Studies for Students

How much can you as a non-teaching parent be expected to understand A Level Or GCSE Media Studies?

Don’t worry…we are not expecting you to go through the exam and get A*s or 9s but for the best application and understanding by your children the discussions about WHAT they are doing are really useful for them to explain their points and respond to your questions .

In the ParentZone I pointed out that

As a teacher with more than a quarter of a century of experience I have often had parents tell me they feel like they have 20+ GCSEs as they have taken the journey through exams so closely with their children. At Edusites we believe that parental input and constructive conversations about what is being learned is invaluable. A membership to Edusites helps you to sidestep the nagging to ‘get on with revision’ to engage with some of the content. Parents involvement can invigorate learning, not just while ‘revision is happening’ but also at the dinner table, with their friends or the drive to and from school.

A Level Media Studies for Students

Where do we start?

The key to this subject is to develop a different and new type of writing style that uses the subject specific terminology as a short cut to ideas and frameworks. In the time given in the exam it’s not possible to gain the top band if those things don’t coincide. I’m thinking of lots of sporting examples.... without the basic fitness and core strength the player will develop movements and behaviours which are essentially a work around but eventually inhibit the sportsman to be the best...

The four Edusites Core Units cover the four frameworks

  • Media Language
  • Media Representation
  • Media Audience
  • Media Industries

Each core unit contains at least 25 lessons

In addition to the Core Units which cover the Frameworks there are additional 100+ lessons teaching the Close Study Products within the context of the frameworks. This means that students are not exposed to CSPs needing all four framework comprehension until they have covered that unit.

A Level Media Studies for Students

How do I know that your materials are good?

Edusites have been in the business of teaching support for over a decade. We have a great reputation!

Our members include

  • Two thirds of the Top 100 schools in the country
  • Over 5,000 teachers and students
  • 5 of the Top 10 P8 Schools (they are the ones where student make the most progress from Primary to the end of their GCSEs)

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