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Expert Advice and Guidance

Expert Advice and Guidance

Written by The Edusites and Ofqual expert subject advisor, Senior Film Studies Examiner Wayne O’Brien this third Unit focused on the skills. As we come closer and closer to the specific honing of exam skills for success in the exams we are generating expertise to apply learning in exams.

We have looked at all of the new spec sample exams and asked if our students could successfully complete high quality responses?

Expert Advice and Guidance

26 fully resourced lessons

Expert Advice and Guidance

Could your students answer this?

How far do your chosen films demonstrate a constant shift between passive and active spectatorship?

  • Refer in detail to at least one sequence from each film.

Would their response be described as...

  • Excellent application of knowledge and understanding of the dynamic relationship between active and passive spectatorship to analyse the chosen films?
  • Uses excellent points to develop a sophisticated exploration of how far spectators respond both actively and passively to film?
Expert Advice and Guidance


  • an understanding of spectatorship in terms of the level and type of engagement a film elicits in the spectator including, for example, concepts such as identification, alignment and allegiance
  • how key features of the films, such as camera position, editing, sound, performance or aspects of narrative and genre can create passive and active responses
  • some recognition of the role of viewing context and spectators' social and cultural background in influencing spectator response
  • a recognition that spectators are likely to shift between passive and active viewing

Could your students then combine their understanding of audience with music and mise en scene knowledge?

Expert Advice and Guidance

How far do your chosen films demonstrate the importance of visual and soundtrack cues in influencing spectator response? Refer in detail to at least one sequence from each film.

Expert Advice and Guidance

A Level Film Unit 4 Core: Film Genre+

The twenty five fully resourced lessons in Unit 4 can be found for Eduqas here and OCR here

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