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Amy Winehouse - “it’s almost a fairy-tale in reverse…”

Amy Winehouse - “it’s almost a fairy-tale in reverse…”

Each of our Film Case studies are over 7,000 words...but as we say in our house that isn't 7,000 'ands' one after another but syllabus and exam focused analysis divided into the following sections.

Context of Production
Social and Political Context
Film Language
Mise en Scene
Key Sequence Analysis
Critical Debates
Ideology and Themes
Amy Winehouse - “it’s almost a fairy-tale in reverse…”

Section B: Documentary Film (single-film study)

Resource: Analysing a Documentary Film

  • Sisters in Law (Ayisi and Longinotto, Cameroon and UK, 2005)
  • The Arbor (Barnard, UK, 2010)
  • Stories We Tell (Polley, Canada, 2012) live!
  • 20,000 Days on Earth (Forsyth and Pollard, UK, 2014)
  • Amy (Kapadia, UK, 2005)

Context: Amy Winehouse 'Popstar'

There’s an idea that’s elegantly expressed by the novelist Italo Calvino) that’s worth engaging with and returning to quite often in relation to the films that we study at A Level and it’s this: that a classic text is a story that has not yet finished with what it has to say to an audience. The songs of Amy Winehouse might be considered classics of pop music in the way that they revisit an older ‘sound’ and in terms of the resonance of their lyrical content.

Significantly, Amy Winehouse has become a ‘text’ in herself (rather as Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Madonna have done) that continues to be meaning- generating and Asif Kapadia’s film Amy explores this resonance...

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Amy Winehouse - “it’s almost a fairy-tale in reverse…”

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