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As a teacher with more than a quarter of a century of experience I have often had parents tell me they feel like they have 20+ GCSEs as they have taken the journey through exams so closely with their children. At Edusites we believe that parental input and constructive conversations about what is being learned is invaluable. A membership to Edusites helps you to sidestep the nagging to ‘get on with revision’ to engage with some of the content. Parents involvement can invigorate learning, not just while ‘revision is happening’ but also at the dinner table, with their friends or the drive to and from school.

From 1-9 and E to A grades?

At Edusites we support students and parents in the quest for the best results attainable. You may not understand what your son or daughter needs to do to improve and at Edusites we can help you with this.

Need to supplement their school experience?

As teachers and parents ourselves we know that most teachers are doing their best BUT we also know that parents want to help! Edusites gives you the tools to do this. Initially specialist advisors to teachers we have been established for more than ten years and we are at the end of a telephone 01604 847689 and email to respond to specific questions.

Support has proven benefits

The research on the positive impact of tutoring and subject specific support at home is overwhelming. Using Edusites offers you that level of support to ensure that the learning goes at the students’ pace. ‘Revision’ of lessons or ‘going through the lesson again’ can be completed easily and there is no limit to time or session access.

Looking for experts to give you advice?

Don’t spend hours wading through unmoderated ‘help’ which may not develop skills. At Edusites all of our exam support is written and moderated by Expert Examiners.

Tutoring too expensive?

A monthly payment of £5.99 gives you and your son or daughter access to a vast library of expertise along with support at the end of the telephone or email. There is no minimum membership and you can cancel at any time.

Access to tutoring impossible?

Tutoring can be an excellent tool for improved results but getting our offspring to tutoring may not be possible, therefore a subscription to Edusites is an affordable alternative.

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