AQA NEA Brief Radio Show

AQA NEA Brief Radio Show

NEA Brief 1

3 Minute Excerpt from Radio Show

This is quite the challenge! All of the NEAs have their own unique quirks, and it is these idiosyncrasies that the examining team will be grooved to look for, especially when determining the value of those higher level submissions.

Key Points

  • 3 minute clip
  • Audience is 14-19 year olds
  • Should feel like it can be played on a network radio station
  • Has music and talk embedded succesfully
  • Personal and social issues as a dominant theme
  • Must engage with audience on the above point
  • Discuss notions of positive mental health
  • Discuss thoughts around the issue of well-being
  • Personal/Social
  • Well being
  • PMH

OK. Let’s put the needle on this particular record.

Don’t ask the pupils to go beyond the three minutes. Little Xander might be a proper whizz with the Mac and his dad might own a radio production company that specialises in 10 second slices of jingle magic that extols the virtues of Suriname’s best cat delousing product, but THE EXAMINERS ONLY WANT THOSE SPECIFIED 3 MINUTES!

At 3 MINUTES AND TWO seconds, we will be reaching for the OFF button and going back to the Youtube video on “Can 8AM ever be considered a good time for a red wine? Here’s 9 Reasons Why We Say Yeah!”

The way the audience is considered will be super important on this piece. The superb advice from “A VERY SENIOR FIGURE” at one of the boards last week was to constantly be engaging in analysis of similar products to the one you are trying to create.

Absorb the conventions; see how the characters of radio are represented.

What do you want the show to sound like? Think about the mood suggested by the essential requirements.

It’s not going to sound like Dingo and The Baby off Family Guy is it?

AQA NEA Brief Radio Show

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