AQA GCSE Paper 1 Question 2 - The Unseen

AQA GCSE Paper 1 Question 2 - The Unseen

Analyse the cover of Women’s’ Running magazine to show how its design and layout connote meaning (12)
AQA GCSE Paper 1 Question 2 - The Unseen

If you saw this week’s episode of the Apprentice you will have probably quite liked the concept that one of the teams came up with for a new thrill ride at a theme park. Their Insomnia coaster worked on the principle that you were lured into a cosy sense of safety before being hurled out into the empty free falling wilderness. Backwards. I would still rather do that 100 times than go for a pint with Ryan-Mark to be fair.

Unseen Bolt

This is similar to the sense of sheer panic that often permeates our pupils when faced with the horrors of THE UNSEEN MATERIAL on component one of the exam.

Fear Ye Not – Get Them Thinking About This

This is actually a really good opportunity however to get themselves up and running without the worry of trying to recall every last scrap of hastily scribbled notes and scruffy Post-its from their revision folders.

Instead, get them to calm down and begin to work though this methodically and with the idea in their head that THEIR VIEWPOINT IS PROBABLY GOING TO BE VERY VALID.

Key Tip

Deconstruct The Meaning Behind The Question.

Crucial phrase – “show how its design and layout connote meaning”

Pupil Check In Before They Begin To Deconstruct The Cover

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