AQA GCSE Media Studies Paper 1 Question 2

AQA GCSE Media Studies Paper 1 Question 2

There are several key aspects to approaching this question. As always, and as with any question on any paper, taking a moment to break down the wording is crucial.

I know, from bitter experience, a number of candidates who will be supremely confident about their understanding of the codes and conventions of magazine front covers but will launch off into answering this question without securing the actual requirements of the task in their minds.

So what are the examiners looking for here?

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Analyse the front cover of Games TM (Figure 1) to show how its design and layout communicate meaning.

So break it down again and let’s look at the specific Assessment Objectives (AOs).

And in this instance, examiners are looking at the following: “Analyse media products using the theoretical framework of media, including in relation to their contexts

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Where do we start?

Breaking Down The Key Words


  • Look at something in detail
  • Break down the relevant component parts

Theoretical Frameworks Leads Us To…………………….

The Crucial 30 Seconds

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