Media Studies GCSE Review 2019

Media Studies GCSE Review 2019

“Every strike out brings me that bit closer to the next home run”
Babe Ruth

Well when it came it wasn’t actually quite as bad as perhaps all sane human beings feared.

What is this thing I am talking of? Was it Liverpool winning the European Cup? A truly horrendous thought for all normal footy watchers desperate to avoid never ending squadrons of their oleaginous celebrity fans eulogising over “da Reds” even though they’d never been as far North as Tamworth. I’m looking at you Damian Lewis by the way. And Stormzy. Behave yourself mate.

Was it the idea of sitting for three hours of ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’? Well definitely not that, because actually it was pretty fantastic and even if the ending was a bit eccentric, we all love a bit of prime Brad ‘n Leo don’t we?

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