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AQA 7572 Close Study Products

AQA 7572 Close Study Products

Welcome to Edusites Media Live A Level Textbook.

At Edusites Media we are dynamic and responsive to the requests of our members. Our CSP are analysed in depth in our CSP Units for each exam board.

Below is the coverage we have completed so far for AQA A Level. Want to request a CSP you need help with? Just email us and we could write it into our next unit.

Term 1 Unit 7 Media Language+

Content Overview: Media One Section A Media Language and Media Representations

Assessment Overview: Advertising and Marketing, Music Video

Close Study Products:

  • Score: a pre-1970 male grooming product
  • Maybelline: ‘That Boss Life Part 1’
  • Letter to the Free: (Common ft Bilal)
  • Billie Jean: (Michael Jackson)

Term 2 Unit 8 Media Representation+

Content Overview: Media One Section B Media Industries and Media Audiences

Assessment Overview: Radio, Newspapers, Film (industries only)

Close Study Products:

  • The Surgery on Radio One
  • War of the Worlds
  • The Daily Mail
  • The i newspaper
  • Chicken (independent film)

Term 3 Unit 9 Media Audience+ - tbc

Term 4 Unit 10 Media Institutions+ - tbc

Term 5 Unit 11 Media Values+ - tbc

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