AQA GCSE Sample Student Workbook

AQA GCSE Sample Student Workbook

Lesson 1: The Paper 2 Section A Set Close Study Products

There is so much to cover in all of the AQA Close Study Products for 2019 and so many possible directions and hypotheses that could be seized on, that in these Units I can only offer a starting point for the more detailed individual research and analysis required of you by AQA. Remember, the work on these Close Study Products is about YOUR ideas and YOUR research. In these lessons I offer guidance and strategies for you to start to apply your acquired learning and understanding of the theoretical models from the rest of the Media course.

You need to explore similar products from the period - especially in the run up to the examination. If you do this, you should ensure your ideas and analysis are as contemporary and as wide ranging and thorough as possible. A lot can happen in the next year or so - keep up to date with these.

Zoella Introduction: Language

Zoella is a lifestyle/celebrity magazine which offers some clear contrasts with Tatler.

It is aimed at a very specific audience and “for many students these are products they would not normally engage with” (AQA Guidance to Teachers)

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