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Roald Dahl Day: A real allure for filmmakers

Roald Dahl Day: A real allure for filmmakers

James Clarke | Thursday 13th September 2018 | Roald Dahl Day

This summer, there was some film-fan excitement at the news that a new, Hollywood-backed adaptation of Roald Dahl’s The Witches was to be written and directed by fantasy-movie veteran, Robert Zemeckis. One can imagine the opportunity offered by a new adaptation of The Witches to showcase the fusion of live action and animated elements in the usual elegant, playful and inventive way that characterize Zemeckis’ movies. As an aside, by the way: if you’ve not seen his adaptation of A Christmas Carol it is a must-see.

The news of the forthcoming new adaptation of The Witches, of course, also reminded us of the ‘neat’ fit between Dahl’s children’s novels and the visual spectacle that movies can render. Dahl’s novels are replete with settings and scenarios that are a rich seam to be mined with big-budget resources. There’s a satisfying anomaly in all this, though, and it’s the film adaptation of Dahl’s novel, Danny the Champion of the World.

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