Edusites Film offers a comprehensive collection of outstanding online Film Studies teaching resources to help teachers and students. From Avant Garde Godard to block buster super heroes there is no doubt that we humans love a film. The academic study of film offers students the vision to create their own stories in innovative and novel ways.

Lesson 1 What is Film Studies?

Lesson 1 What is Film Studies?

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Lesson Objectives:

  1. To develop ideas about the subject
  2. To build ideas of how to study film through its products
  3. To develop understanding by completing analysis of products

The Lesson Resource Slides contain everything necessary to teach sessions that will prepare your students to respond to the 2017 Specification GCE examination requirements of Eduqas WJEC. Depending on your own levels of experience, expertise, confidence in both your teaching or in teaching your specification, you may follow the sessions line by line or adapt the material to suit your needs and those of your students.

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